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Lumi Plate

The patented Luminescence QC Pak provides comprehensive validation of your luminescence  reader.  Our kit checks your reader for:

Alignment of plate transport:  The plate has narrow wells of uniform intensity in columns 1 and 12 to measure alignment.
Crosstalk:  Positive wells are surrounded by blank wells and ratios are taken to determine "spill over" or crosstalk between the wells.
Linearity: Measured RLU values on the Y axis are compared to the factory calibrated RLU "gold standards" for each of the 8 luminescence intensities in the X axis.  The data is plotted in a logrithmic scale over 7 decades of intensity.
Reproducibility:  Each well is measured 5 times to calculate the mean and standard deviations.

An Excel template included in the QC Pak automatically inputs these parameters and generates a variety of reports which can be printed and/or archived.  The Luminescence QC Pak™ consists of:

1. a Luminescence Standard Plate
2. an Evaluation Software Template
3. a 9V battery charger 
4. “Short Installation Instructions
5. “Certificate of Validation”
6.  Operating Manual
7.  a plastic carrying case

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