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              Innovative Instruments Microplate Luminometer

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      Sold and serviced in the US by Innovative Instruments Inc.



Innovative Instruments’ LUmo is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based, glow luminescence applications.  Download a product brochure  in PDF here


High sensitivity and wide dynamic range

Combining sensitivity and dynamic range, LUmo gives you the possibility to run a wide variety of routine and scientific applications.

Very low crosstalk

LUmo incorporates a sophisticated, adaptive positioning system, keeping the detector as close as possible above the sample to eliminate instrument related crosstalk and make optimum use of LUmo‘s high sensitivity and dynamic range.


It takes typically less than 40 seconds to read a 96-well plate at 0.1 sec integration time.

Accommodates 96- and 48-well microplates

The plate carrier system is designed to accommodate all kinds of 96 ­and 48-well microplates without an additional adaptor required.

 Autosoft - control and evaluation software

LUmo comes with Autosoft, a full-featured Windows® based control and data reduction software package.


Main applications

Thyroid Hormones | Tumor Markers | Reproductive Endocrinology | Diabetes | Infectious Disease | Cardiac Markers | Adrenal/ Pituitary | Bone Metabolism | TDM | Anemia | LIA Other Analytes | Reactive oxygen species (ROS) |  Ion channels / GPCR´s | Two-Hybrid / Protein – protein interaction | Apoptosis / Cell viability / Cell cytotoxicity | ATP determination |

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Plate Types

96-well and 48-well (4x12)  microplates, max. height 15.2 mm

Detection system

 Photomultiplier Tube

Detection Mode

 Glow Luminecsence

Spectral Sensitivity Range

 300 to 600 nm

Dynamic / Indication Range

  0 – 1,600,000,000 RLU

Measurement unit

  RLU (Relative Light Units)

Sensitivity at 545nm

  1 x 10-23 mole HRP


  < 2%


  < 1 x 10-7 (typical)

Measurement time

Typically <40 seconds at 0.1 sec.   integration time for a 96-well plate

Integration time

0.1 sec to 10 sec in increments of 0.1 sec


3 modes


33.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 47.0 cm (w x h x l)


13.0 kg net

Power supply

External  voltage range: 90-130VAC and 180-250VAC, 47  -  63 Hz (autosensing)

Data connections

Serial Interface RS232 (9-pin),  QC Data can be added automatically or manually. 

Operating  temperature

10° C to 40° C humidity: 15%-75% RH non-condensing


Innovative Instruments, Inc.    3905 Lake Park Road          Indian Trail, NC  28079            Phone: 704-234-6769